What keeps us awake at night is the absence of a universal solution that efficiently connects all the communities of the world. A smart community situational dashboard that connects the user with all the communities at or around their home, destination and actual physical location. A solution that combines content created by humans, sensors and machines. A solution that could make you feel local wherever you are.

Geo Location tagging; which is the concept of associating a location to a created content such as pictures, posts and deals changed the world. We at Gloriam Technologies have invented a drastically different concept: The mobility profile selection and mobility profile tagging concepts. These concepts allow capturing richer & very specific attributes such as the relativity of the location to the users or  device that create  the content, if the sources  creating the content are stationary or mobile and the relationship between these sources regardless if they are humans or devices and much more.

Gloriam Technologies filed a provisional and PCT patent in March 2015 and March 2016. An international type search in Sep 2017 confirmed the novelty and the clear industrial applications of our patent. This report on the World intellectual Property organisation website's recognised that all our claims are novel and has specific industrial & commercial applications. The report confirms too that our concept could be protected and our patent could be licensed.

Mobility profile options and tagging would revolutionize community communication  & networking. It would introduce drastically innovative online business concepts. Some brief examples:

-Businesses such as trades men, hotels, restaurants and shops could provide different online discounts or price lists for residents, virtual or physical visitors of a location  via Groupon or via Google map street view or Google glass.  

-Hotels will be able to offer different accommodation rates for interstate or international visitors. Online discounts and rates could vary based on the home country or city & could be presented in the user’s hometown language. Rate even can vary if these users are accessing the location of the hotel and application as virtual visitors or as actual location visitors.

-Any user could communicate in a controlled way as a resident, virtual and actual visitor with any community, locally or internationally.

-Law enforcement, councils and Residents could communicate privately with each other or could communicate in a controlled way with other virtual and physical visitors of their neighbourhoods.

-Councils and government could communicate with their actual and virtual local or international visitors and get accurate analytics about the actual interstate or international visitors by nationality and their heat map in the city. This will help build a deep understanding of drivers for visitors and would allow the government to blue print their urban planning accordingly.

Our innovative algorithm would not only connect all the local and international communities of the world but would support new innovative smart city and smart home use cases too, that would realise once implemented wider socio-economic benefits. Example: If all family members leave home, a secured notification could be sent to a smart home controller to execute specific actions, such as check if the air condition, oven are switched off, garage door locked and alarm armed etc.



Gloriam Technologies is the provider of Community Bond, an experimental community social network pilot  to connect people and bond communities based on location and interests.